Paul Kasango

Entrepreneurship and Business Management

Paul Kasango is a successful entrepreneur and venture capitalist with a background in telecommunications and aviation transport management. He has strong skills in human resource management, operations and establishment of business start-ups and has an excellent understanding of business implementations in Africa having done that in South Africa, Mozambique, Uganda and Malawi.

He contributed to the establishment of many small and medium enterprises(SMEs) as evidenced by his achievements in the small to medium enterprise environments.

He contributed to the establishment of one of the first private airlines on the African continent called Interair heading its regional establishment in East African before joining Airbus Industries.

He worked for Airbus Industries in Germany and trained in CNS/ATM for a period of one year before joining ATNS a parastatal charged with the management of Air traffic and Navigation services in South Africa, where he was involved in the establishment and implementation of the SADC upper airspace air traffic management systems as a business analyst. His co-focus was Communication Navigation Services and Air Traffic Management (CNS/ATM). He worked closely with all the regional Governments and Civil Aviation authorities during this time. In the early 2000 Paul co-founded Saicom becoming its Group Chairman and later TEIM Ventures.

He is a partner/director in several local companies in the cellular, eCommerce, search marketing, hospitality and manufacturing as a minority investor. He is the Business Development Director of Interjet an aviation Maintenance and training company.

As part of his dissertation Paul conducted research in the field of Management Information Systems a field he cherishes.

He hold a certificate in Corporate Governance, (September 2003) University of the Witwatersrand, a Post graduate Diploma Transport Economics with Majors in Aviation management, (1997 – 1998), University of Johannesburg and a Bachelor of Business Economics in management and Information Technology, 1987 – 1991), University of Zagreb

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