Ms Milbret Namiiro


Milbert has a Master’s degree in Demography from the Northwest University, South Africa, and a

Bachelor of Science degree in Population Studies (Specialisation: Population Health), Makerere

University, Kampala, Uganda. She has certifications in strategic planning, performance monitoring

and evaluation, programme management, comprehensive sexuality education, HIV and AIDS

programming, population, environment and development nexus, LEAD certification and assessor



Milbert Namiiro is an International development professional with over 10 years’ experience in

population health (including Sexual and Reproductive Health) and gender issues at policy, research,

advocacy and programmatic levels. Milbert’s main area of specialisation has been in public health

research and programmes implementation and management of interventions addressing health

issues with demographic implications including HIV and AIDS, proposal development, monitoring

and evaluation and overall impact assessments.

Her previous positions include that of Deputy Director: Population Programmes, National Population

Unit of South Africa, Assistant Director: Strategic Planning and Policy Monitoring, Department of

Social Development, South Africa, Junior Lecturer at Makerere University Institute of Statistics and

Applied Economics, Consultant at UNICEF on several projects on girl child education in Uganda and

worked on various projects under FAWE (Forum for African Women Educationalists). Milbert has

conducted research and data analysis on a range of topics around HIV and AIDS, Comprehensive

Sexuality education, Sexual and Reproductive Health(SRH), gender parity in education, gender

equality and empowerment of women, Gender Based Violence(GBV) and others.

As a researcher for SPN, she has designed appropriate research strategies, including selecting

appropriate data collection methods and data analysis as well as written reports and advocacy

messages pertaining to assignments with various countries, UN and INGOs. Milbert is currently

based in Melbourne, Australia.

Experience and Background

Milbert has vast experience in programme management, strategic planning and high level policy

monitoring, assessment of frameworks for the development of programmatic interventions for both

Government and UN, stakeholder liaison and developing partnerships with government, private

sector, donors and civil society organisations. In addition, Milbert has compiled various programme

proposals, reports and with a multi-sectoral dimension background on public health issues the consultant is highly

experienced working with government, academic institutions, CSOs, INGOs, FBOs and the UN

considering issues of inclusivity for people with disabilities and gender issues. Milbert has

implemented research and programme interventions both nationally and within communities and is

thus very experienced with issues of impact monitoring and evaluation of programmes as well as

effective translation of strategies and policies into programme design and implementation.

Milbert has great expertise in the development, implementation, review and oversight monitoring of

operational plans, policies, strategies and programmes pertaining to vulnerable groups including

women and children with greater emphasis on sexual reproductive health, gender and health,

mental health, HIV and AIDS mainstreaming, developing frameworks for implementation of SRH

issues, impact assessments, development of training materials, planning, and public health. From

her previous roles as a middle manager in government, she has strong inter-personal, leadership and

management skills with great experience in coordination and liaison with stakeholders both within

communities at local level, at national government level and international stakeholders.


Milbert has wide experience in gender analytical reviews and research on HIV and AIDS

vulnerabilities, Gender-Based Violence, young women, adolescents and health. This includes data

collection, analysis and interpretation of quantitative and qualitative data pertaining to gender,

health and development.

Previous research studies include the Namibia GBV national baseline study, Review of EU

interventions in Swaziland, Review of Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices pertaining to HIV and AIDS

in Rwanda, review of HIV/AIDS and sexuality education in South Africa, monitoring and evaluation of

HIV/AIDS capacity building programmes, and others. Research expertise includes but not limited to

determining sample size, developing appropriate research instruments, fieldwork and all stages of

data collection, management and processing as well as data analysis using statistical packages like

SPSS, STATA and others.

In addition, Milbert has coordinated some impact assessments and participated in monitoring and

evaluation studies of local capacity building programmes on HIV and AIDS in South Africa

contributing to the design of indicators, data collection and other stages.

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