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The Social Policy Network (Pty) Ltd (SPN) is a development firm registered in South Africa. It provides technical assistance, research, training and advisory services to government departments, private businesses, development agencies and civil society organisations. It has field presence in Kenya, Namibia, Rwanda, South Africa and Uganda.


To position Social Policy Network as a leading consultancy firm specialising in social-economic development.

  • To serve as a centre of excellence on social policy in the development and human rights with an emphasis on gender equality, the empowerment of women and girls and child rights.
  • To enhance the capacity and effectiveness of development agencies, government departments, civil society organisations, private sector and international organisations dealing with issues pertaining to human rights and development.
  • To provide comprehensive technical, consultancy, project management and quality control or quality assurance services, that may be crucial to meeting the needs of our clients and partners.
  • To put in place a strong organisational development structures that will meet the challenge of the changing aid architecture from short-term funding to long-term strategic funding.

SPN has a three-tier structure consisting of the Board, secretariat and a pool of consultants.

  • The Board determines the strategic direction needed to achieve its purpose and objectives as a business enterprise and to implement its values to ensure that it survives and thrives. The Board also ensures that the procedures and practices are in place to protect the company’s assets and reputation. In addition, the SPN Board monitors and evaluates the implementation of strategies, policies, management performance criteria and business plans.
  • The secretariat implements policy decisions and day-to-day affairs of the company. SPN maintains a ‘thin’ secretariat to manage its affairs.

The pool of consultants consists of diverse skills and nationalities. The diverse background of the team is intended to bring in a broad range of perspectives, insights and skill sets to every assignment and ensure that our clients get value for money. By applying modern technology, we can deploy consultants at short notice. The team has diverse skill sets in research, statistics, political economy, project management, governance, resource mobilization, capacity building, statistics, policy, HIV and SRH in Africa and other parts of the world. Therefore, SPN has a detailed understanding of challenges experienced in developing countries. SPN team has worked in various contexts including; humanitarian, emergency and disaster areas, conflict and post conflict areas, development, pastoral communities and island communities.


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Our services

Services provided by SPN (Pty) Ltd

Policy analysis scans and reviews

Policy analysis scans and reviews

• Advisory services and technical expertise. • Policy evaluations and reviews. • Policy analysis and policy scans.

Training, capacity building and professional  development

Training, capacity building and professional development

• Providing mentoring and coaching. • Conducting training.

Programme management and Knowledge management

Programme management and Knowledge management

• Assessments • Strategic planning • Programme designs • Proposal writing • Proposal reviewing

Project management services

Project management services

• Organising meetings, conferences and symposiums. • Facilitating workshops, conferences, symposiums and panel discussions.

Evaluations and impact assessments

Evaluations and impact assessments

• Designing methodologies using quantitative and qualitative methods. • Designing tools and study instruments. • Conducting evaluations and impact assessments. • Preparing research reports.



• Designing research proposals, including methodologies. • Conducting research.

Our Expertise

This is our expertise team, find out more about us.

Tabitha Mulyampiti

Research, Monitoring, Evaluation and Impact Assessments

An international expert on gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls.
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Ms Milbert Namiiro

Sexual and Reproductive Health

Is an international development professional with over 10 years’ experience.
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Paul Kasango

Entrepreneurship and Business Management

A successful entrepreneur and venture capitalist with a background in telecommunications and aviation transport management.
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